Household Waste

The Town of Easton primarily uses Pine Tree Waste for curbside household garbage removal. Easton’s residential garbage is picked up every Thursday. Commercial pickup is Wednesday. For more information, please call 207-532-4264 or visit

Tri-Community Recycling and Sanitary Landfill provides solid waste management services to the Aroostook County region. All vehicles are required to display a valid TCL permit sticker, which must be affixed to the permitted vehicle. The permit does not guarantee free waste disposal. Disposal fees are based on the type and origin of the waste. For more information, please call 473-7840 or visit

Spring/Fall Clean-Up

The Town of Easton will provide a collection point at the new town garage on the Fry Pan Road for household junk, such as appliances, tires, furniture, wood, etc. Wood products must be separated. No household garbage or universal waste (computer monitors and components, TV screens, fluorescent bulbs, mercury-containing thermometers, or batteries) will be accepted. To dispose of these items contact Tri-Community Landfill at 207-473-7840.

All recyclables must be deposited in the igloos behind the Town Office. Easton residents only. Coordinate your spring and fall cleaning with the Town Clean-Up Day and make use of our efforts to make Easton a more beautiful place to live. No commercial loads. Please call the Town Office with any questions, 207-488-6652.


Igloos are provided behind the Town Office to dispose of recyclable items. Click here to see what you can recycle in the igloos. There are also two containers to dispose of cardboard. Click here to see what qualifies for the cardboard containers. PLEASE RECYCLE!