The digital parcel map shown on this page is based on hard-copy tax maps updated in Fall 2014 and created in the GIS Laboratory at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. To view parcels, zoom in and click a parcel, an information window will pop-up. Users can also use Search by Lot Address located above the map – clicking Click to Select will show a list of parcels with street names and numbers. Only the parcel will be shown in the map after selecting/clicking a street name and number. Zoom in to it and click it will pop-up the information window. To refresh the map, click Reload Map button above the map.

Disclaimer: The parcel map is not to be misconstrued as a survey or to be used as a survey, used for property boundary description, conveyance, or determination of legal title. Any use as such is strictly prohibited. It represents an approximate location of property lines only.