If you are interested in serving on a board or committee, Contact the Town Clerk for more information regarding nomination or appointment. Municipal board and committee meetings are posted on the Community Calendar of Events.

School Board

33 Bangor Road
Easton, ME 04740
(207) 488-7700

Click here to see school’s website.

Members of the Easton School Board are elected to three (3) year terms at the Annual Town Meeting held the first Monday in April.

If you would like to run for the School Board, please stop by the Town Office during regular business hours after nomination papers have become available for the Annual Town Meeting (the nomination papers notice is posted under Public Notices on this website).

Typically, nomination papers are available by the beginning of January. You will have forty-five (45) days from the date the papers become available to circulate your nomination papers for registered voters to sign, stating that they nominate you for School Board. The required number of signatures is no less than 25 nor more than 75. Once the required number of signatures has been achieved, please return the nomination papers to the Town Clerk for certification. If the Town Clerk validates the required number of signatures, the candidate’s name will be printed on the ballot for the Annual Town Meeting Election.

Any questions regarding this process may be directed to the Town Clerk at (207) 488-6652.

Members representing the Town of Easton

David Hopkins, Chairman

Term Expires 2024
PO Box 414
Easton, ME 04740
(207) 488-6122
[email protected]

Richard Henderson

Term Expires 2026
105 Henderson Road
Easton, ME 04740
[email protected]

Andrew King

Term Expires 2025
92 Perry Road
Easton, ME 04740
(207) 551-0506
[email protected]

Michele MacPherson

Term Expires 2025
93 Getchell Road
Easton, ME 04740
(207) 227-9955
[email protected]

Penney Siddiqui

Term Expires 2024
37 Duncan Drive
Easton, ME 04740
(207) 551-1274
[email protected]

Planning Board

Members of the Planning Board are appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The responsibilities and duties of the Planning Board are:

  • Review and approval of subdivision applications
  • Review changes proposed by the State of Maine to the Shoreland Zoning ordinance and make recommendation to Board of Selectmen
  • Participate in updating or amending the Municipal Comprehensive Plan
  • Review any matter referred to the Planning Board by the Board of Selectmen

Planning Board Meetings

Planning Board does not meet on a regular basis; only when the need arises. Meetings will be posted on the Community Calendar.

Board Members

The Easton Planning Board is made up of five members that are appointed by the Board of Selectmen to three year terms. When there is a permanent vacancy, the Board of Selectmen appoints a new member for the remainder of the unexpired term. Below
are the current Planning Board members:

Name Term Ends
Vacant 2026
Cynthia Flanagan 2026
Cody Humphrey 2025
Kevin Marquis 2024
Richard Henderson 2024

Zoning Board of Appeals

Easton Zoning Board of Appeals meets only when an appeal is made to the State of Maine Shoreland Zoning rules as well as appeals to the State of Maine Subdivision Ordinance. The appeals are created when a decision by the local Code Enforcement Officer is not agreed upon by the resident.

The Board of Appeals consists of five members. Members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen to a three (3) year term, staggered so that one member is appointed each year. When there is a permanent vacancy, the Board of Selectmen appoints a new member for the remainder of the unexpired term. Below are the current members of the Zoning Board of Appeals:

Name Term Ends
Andrew King 2024
Andrew Keep 2024
Stuart Cumming 2022
McAdam, Paul B. 2023
Sheri-Lyn Carter 2026

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee reviews the municipal budget and makes recommendations on the final budget, which will be presented to the voters of the Town of Easton.

The Budget Committee is made up of twenty (20) voting members. Members of the Board of Selectmen are non-voting members of the Budget Committee.

Below are the current members of the Budget Committee:

Budget Committee
Tabitha Dudley Carrie Hull
Paul DeMerchant Diane Green
Cynthia Flanagan Jeff Blackstone
Ira Dodge Jonah Alexander
Mary Wilcox Terry White
Vaughn Martin Brian Flewelling
Tom Osgood Paul “Bernie” McAdam

Get Involved

To become a Committee Member, please contact the Town Clerk

Meeting Minutes

Recreation Committee

The Recreation Committee meetings are called for by the Recreation Director as the need arises. The Committee assists the Recreation Director with events such as Winter Carnival. Members of the Recreation Committee are as follows:

Recreation Committee
Rebecca Allen Tammy Beaulier-Fuller
Denise Clark Sheri Carter
Travis Carter Tabitha Dudley
Ronnie Mitchell Bruce Flewelling
Nicole King Peggy Flewelling
David Fuller Jennifer Daniels

Get Involved

To become a Committee Member, please contact the Town Clerk