The Board of Selectmen is an elected board of five municipal officers and has the authority to approve local laws or Town Ordinances, and set official rules, codes, and policies for the Town.

The Board is the official governing body of the Town of Easton and selectmen are elected to three (3) year terms. Elections are on a three year cycle with two selectmen elected in the first and second years and one in the third year.

The Selectmen elect the Chairman from among its members following each election. The Chairman presides over all Selectmen meetings and acts as the Town Officer designated to represent the Town in agreements with other governmental entities, but has no administrative duties except as required to carry out the responsibilities outlined in the Town Charter.

Residents interested in running for election to the Board of Selectmen or School Board may contact the Town Clerk, Cheryl Clark, at (207) 488-6652 or [email protected] for nomination papers. For more information related to running for office, please click here.

Regular Board of Selectmen Meetings
Second Monday of each month at 7 pm at the Easton Town Office

Please note that the Board of Selectmen reserve the right to change any meeting date or time. Please visit the Calendar of Events to confirm meeting dates and times.

Regular meetings are held at the Easton Town Office and are open to the public. The public may only speak during the “Public Comment” section of the meeting. Meeting Agendas for the regular meetings are posted the Friday before the meeting at the Easton Town Office.

Department Staff

Tammy Beaulier-Fuller

PO Box 163
Easton, ME 04740
Tel: (207) 551-9655
Term Ending: 2024

Norman Trask

PO Box 264
Easton, ME 04740
Tel: (207) 768-1013
Term Ending: 2024

Douglas Blackstone

144 West Ridge Road
Easton, ME 04740
Tel: (207) 488-6915
Term Ending: 2022

Bruce Flewelling

454 Houlton Road
Easton, ME 04740
Tel: (207) 488-6188
Term Ending: 2026

Scott Allen
Vice Chairman

10 Ledge Hill Road
Easton, ME 04740
Tel: (207) 488-6967
Term Ending: 2026