Project Canopy is a collaboration between Maine Forest Service and Grow Smart Maine and is Maine’s urban and community forestry program. Its mission is to create and maintain healthy urban and community forests for economic, ecological, and quality of life benefits for Mainers. It provides assistant grants to municipal governments, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations for developing and implementing community forestry projects and programs. The Town of Easton has been awarded some of the grants over the years, allowing the town to plant trees around the town for beautification and wind-break purposes.

In fall 2017, a group of Easton School students, under the supervision of their teacher, Ellen Trask, and Project Canopy Outreach Coordinator, Kim Ballard, collected iTree data for the trees. Meanwhile, UMPI student, Blake Bradley, located all these trees using a Triple GPS and created a tree GIS database to integrate the iTree data into the GIS database under the supervision of Dr. Chunzeng Wang. A Google Maps application is created as below for users to find information for each tree. Zooming in and clicking on each tree (the red dot) will open an information window to show data and pictures of the tree.