Michal Plochan selling educational materials in the County

This is community awareness post.  Meet Michal Plochan who is a student from Slovakia. He stopped by the Town Office recently and gave out some important information. He will be going door to door with an education company called Southwestern Advantage, selling educational materials. We are posting this to let our residents know that Michal will be in and going around our community throughout the summer. He stays with a host family in Fort Fairfield and plans to work all towns in the area – Presque Isle, Caribou, etc. He goes back to Europe by the end of the summer to finish his master’s degree in data science. Please, note that he has an accent and will be driving a Black Hyundai Venue with South Carolina plates “WNX-321” (rental). So, don’t be alarmed when you see him. He is very friendly and loves a good conversation!! For any questions, please contact The Town Office. Michal is also introducing himself at the Fort Fairfield Police Department. Have a great day!!