Fire Truck Bid




The Town of Easton has for sale by sealed bid one1983 Freightliner Cab over Truck that is a home fuel oil delivery tanker that was converted into a tanker used by the fire department.  The truck will be sold as is with none of the emergency lighting and warning devices a part of the sale.  The truck does run well and is drivable, however it hasn’t been inspected for over a year.  It has a ten-speed manual transmission and a Cummins engine.  To make arrangements to view the truck please call the town office at 488-6652.


Sealed bids have to be into the town office on or before 12:00 noontime July 29, 2024.

Address your bids to the Town of Easton, PO Box 127, Easton, ME  04740

All envelopes need to be clearly marked SEALED BID FOR TANKER

Minimum bid on the truck is $4,000.


The Town of Easton reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids.